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Yacht Interior Restoration
Yacht Varnish Restoration
Yacht Woodwork Restoration
Exterior teak restoration
Interior wood and surface restoration
Hand varnishing, either selectively or completely
Removal of marks from fibreglass and Gelcoat
Stainless steel restoration
Repairs - Cabinetmaking and one off projects
French polishing, oil and wax finishes

A typical problem in Yacht Interior Restoration, mildew caused by high relative humidity in a confined space.

The varnish was removed and the timber treated to remove the marks caused by low PH before neutralising the surface and re-applying varnish.

Exterior teak often deteriorates due to the effects of saltwater and UV light causing dimensional and colour changes.

The washboard was repaired to remove the gap that had appeared due to shrinkage and the entire area treated to revive the teak.


Yacht Varnish Restoration; even when the damaged timber is in a sensitive area such as the chart-table we can selectively remove the damaged varnish and make the necessary restoration.

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